Simon is a regular speaker at medical conferences and events around the world. He has presented on many orthopaedic subjects in locations as diverse as Singapore, San Diego, Helsinki, St. Moritz, Adelaide, Perth and of course at numerous locations in the UK. Some of his more significant presentations are as follows:

“A Review and Suggestions for Management of Minor Head Injuries in a Busy Teaching Hospital”

“Treatment of Buckle Fractures in Bandage versus Plaster: Early Results.”

“Should the AO/ASIF Dynamic Condylar Screw be used in the Treatment of Pathological Subtrochanteric Fractures of the Femur? A Retrospective Review of 14 Cases and a Suggestion for Caution with this Device”

“A Prospective Audit of the Knee Protocol for the Use of Plain X-Rays in Acute Knee Trauma”

“Are Immediate Post-operative X-rays in Uncomplicated Total Knee Replacement Necessary or Accurate? A Retrospective Review of One Years Experience”

“A Review of the Adequacy of Cervical Spine Radiographs in the Accident and Emergency Department”

“Cervical Spine Assessment in Acute Trauma: Are we following the ATLS Guidelines?”

“Treatment of Buckle (Torus) fractures of the distal radius in a soft bandage: A randomised prospective trial”

“The Use of Trans-calcaneal Intra-Medullary Nail for Ankle Fusion in the Treatment of Ankle Arthritis: Twenty cases using the Biomet Ankle System”

”A Multi-parameter Qauntitative CT Assesment of the Balasyns Unicompartmental Knee replacement”