Medico-Legal Terms and Conditions

Simon acts as an independent medical expert and consults for Medico-Legal cases to include Personal Injury as well as Medical Negligence cases.

He sees such cases at the Three Shires Hospital.

He is happy to be instructed in Personal Injury work for either party either in joint or sole instruction.

He will consider medical negligence cases and would be happy to discuss instruction in those on an individual basis.

He offers a prompt service and can ensure that a report is completed and returned within fourteen (14) days of review of the client. If there is a need for an urgent review individual cases can be discussed.

Appointments should be booked directly through his secretary Michelle Gilbert on 01604885009.

Any querries should be directed through her as well.

Simon West's Current terms of engagement are:

1.My current fee rate per report will depend on the complexity as well as the volume of notes received. An individual report will typically be charged at £500 and this will include a review of any notes. However should the notes received be excessive then I reserve the right to charge in excess of this sum. If notes are not received or arrive late then a fee will be charged for later review.

2. My daily rate for attending Court Hearings is £2000, which includes time for travelling and waiting. I expect payment even if I do not give oral evidence.

3. Due to the reorganisation of operating lists and out-patient clinics, cancellation fees are payable as follows: 

a) If the case is settled more than 6 weeks before date fee will be waived 

b) Seven to fourteen days before the date 25% of my fees shall be paid for those days booked 

c) Three to seven working days 50% 

d) Less than three working days 100%

4. I will also invoice you for any reasonable expenses at cost. Any necessary mileage will be charged at £0.50p / mile. Copies of receipts will be provided at request.

5. A £150 cancellation fee will be charged for medico-legal appointments cancelled with less than five working days’ notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given or the patient does not attend for their appointment a fee of £300 will be charged

6. In legally aided cases (were my fees constitute a reimbursement), I expect you to make a prompt claim to the Legal Aid Board, and to advise me of any expected delay in settlement. In all other cases I expect payment within 60 days of invoice date from you my Client, irrespective of whether your client has paid you.

7. Should accounts not be settled within the agreed period, at my discretion, I have the right to charge interest on unpaid accounts at the rate of 2% per month, or part month, until full settlement is received.

8. I will use my experience, care and skill in fulfilling your instructions to the best of my ability. Please remember that I am an independent witness.

9. Please let me have your full instructions, together with any relevant further information you may have, and confirm your agreement in writing to the above terms.

10. Please keep me closely informed of the progress of the case. I can probably help in the period before the trial, if indeed the matter proceeds to that stage