This page shows patient x-rays taken "before" and "after" revison knee replacement operations. Several views are shown, including front-on (known as anteroposterior projection, AP) or side-on (lateral)


This 68yr old man had undergone bilateral (right and left) knee replacement 17 and 15 years ago. He Presented with pain and marked restriction of movement. In each knee the polyethylene (plastic) components were worn particularly in the left knee.

He underwent bilateral staged revision knee replacements over a period of 6 months.  Both knees showed significant loss of the original bone stock and required stemmed replacements (De Puy TC3 Revision Knee)


                                 pre-op                                                                                                                  post-op


This 78 year man had undergone a primary knee replacement 15 years ago.  He had always had problems and at 10 years had developed a cyst in the medial (inner aspect of knee) femoral condyle.

This was biopsied but no organisms were ever grown. He continued to have pain but developed a decreasing range of movement (40 degrees flexion with 20 degrees extension at presentation)

He underwent a first stage revision at which there was found to be extensive bone loss on the femoral side and the appearance of significant infection. Specimens sent at surgery went on to grow three different organisms.

An articulating spacer was inserted and intravenous antibiotics administered for a period of twelve weeks.

He underwent second stage were both stem and augments were used on the femoral side but mainly a tibial sleeve augment with a short stem on the tibial side. (De Puy MBT ZTT revision knee)

 He obtained full extension and 80 degrees of flexion on discharge

x-ray images of this case study will appear here shortly


A 72 yr old man who had undergone a total knee replacement 15 years before. He presented with pain, marked reduction in walking distance and marked reduction in the ability to bend his knee, only bending it 20 degrees. He received revision to TC3 revision knee (De Puy International) and post operatively achieved 90 degrees of knee bend.


                                     Pre-Op                                                                                                      Post-Op Image 1


                                                         Post-Op Image 2 - Lateral                                                                                       Post-Op Image 3


A 68yr old man who presented with pain and reduced range of movement 18 years after a knee replacement. Revised in two stages to a mobile bearing with both femoral and tibial sleeves to manage bony deficiency (De Puy MBT ZTT revision knee)


                                        Pre-Op  AP                                                                                                 Pre-Op  Lateral


                                 Post-Op Image 1 - AP                                                             Post-Op Image 2 - Lateral