This page shows patient x-rays taken "before" and "after" primary knee replacement operations. Several views are shown, including front-on (known as anteroposterior projection, AP) or side-on (lateral)

Case 1

A 66yr old man who presented with pain, a marked reduction in walking distance, inability to climb stairs and pain that woke him at night. The pre-op radiographs (x-rays) show severe arthritis affecting the left knee. The post op radiographs show a cruciate retaining PFC (De Puy International) knee replacement in place.


                                    Pre-Op Image 1 - Lateral                                                                                     Pre-Op Image 2 - AP



                     Post-Op Image 1 - Lateral                                                                                          Post-Op Image 2 - AP

Case 2

A 58yr old lady who presented with severe pain in the left knee. She initially received an arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) of the knee. Despite a reasonable appearance on the pre-operative radiograph the arthroscopy revealed severe arthritis throughout her knee. Six months later she received a knee replacement with a High Flexion Mobile bearing knee design, PFC- RP Flex (De Puy International)


                                   Pre-Op                                                                                                                    Post-Op Image 1


                                                                              Post-Op Image 2 - Lateral