This page shows patient x-rays taken "before" and "after" hip replacement operations. Several views are shown, including front-on (known as anteroposterior projection, AP) or side-on (lateral)

Case 1

A 78 yr old woman presenting with severe left hip pain due to gross osteoarthritis after a previous successful right hip replacement. Left total hip replacement performed using Delta TT Cup with materialising internal cup augment (LIMA Coporate) with HMAX stem with a successful outcome.


Case 2

A 46yr old woman with congenital hip dislocation from birth. Treated with sequential hip replacement with proximal femoral shortening osteotomy and bone block allograft to reconstruct the acetabulum using S-ROM prosthesis for the femur.


Case 3

A 32yr old African lady with congenital hip deformity treated with excision arthroplasty age 5yr. Converted to successful hip replacement using S-ROM stem (DePuy) with Delta TT Cup with internal face changing augment (LIMA Corporate) 


Case 4

A 58 year old man presents with severe left thigh pain. Plain radiographs were normal however MRI confirmed a large lesion within the proximal femur and bone scan showed high uptake. Markers suggested renal primary. Resection was undertake following consultation with local MDT with Endoprosthetic replacement using LIMA tumour resection stem (LIMA Corporate) a Delta TT Cup with dual mobility bearing to aid stability. 

Case 5

A 52 yr old man with DDH of the left hip presenting with sever pain reduced range of movement and difficulty in life. Succesful hip replacement with S-ROM stem (DePuy) and Delta TT cup (LIMA corporate).

Case 6

A 68 year old woman with previous right THR presenting with both severe back pain as well as severe left grin pain. Delayed referral as though to be sole due to spine. AP pelvis confirmed sever OA hip with acetabular deficiency. Successful reconstruction with Delta TT Cup with external cup augment (LIMA Corporate) and HMAX stem.